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Slot Machines at Miami Airport

02 Jul 2009
Slot machines may be installed at the Miami International Airport to solve the financial troubles and pay the airport construction costs.

Slot Machines at Ohio Bowling Alleys

17 Jun 2009
As a result of budget deficit the Bowling Association in Ohio is discussing the prospect of introducing slot machines at the bowling alleys.

New Hampshire in Favor of Slots

04 Jun 2009
The New Hampshire Senate committee approved the plan to bring slot machines to the local racetracks.

Slot Machines Amendment in Kentucky

21 May 2009
The Kentucky authorities are planning to legalize slots and video gaming machines in the state to heal the horse racing industry.

The Florida Senate in Favor of Slots and Blackjack

08 May 2009
The Senate of Florida is going to allow slots and blackjack games at the horse and dog tracks to heal the local budget.

Legal Slots At North Carolina

24 Apr 2009
Find out about the way people gamble in places where gambling is not allowed.

Lady Won $400,000 On Slots

03 Apr 2009
Innisfil slot machine brought Pamela Demers the highest prize and lots of positive emotions.

Illegal Slots Machines

27 Mar 2009
A story of how an owner of the bar in Laurel got arrested for allowing illegal gambling.

Indiana Live Casino Opens New Revenue

13 Mar 2009
Indiana Live Casino is opening the State's newest casino on Friday 13th. Thousands of guests were invited to visit the opening even among which are the celebrities, representatives of the authori...

One of the Ex Workers Got Arrested For Stealing From Slot Machines

26 Feb 2009
Gambling may sometimes lead to illegal actions. Read about why you shouldn't do that.
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