Crypto Casino: the best online casinos with cryptocurrency

Thanks to cryptocurrencies, transactions are faster and more secure. It's no surprise that many players are turning to crypto casinos. This new generation of online casinos opens the door to a new gambling world. To navigate and find the best crypto casino, this guide will be of great help.

Cryptocurrencies are popular at online casinos

If cryptocurrencies hit shopping sites, they are also a growing success at online casinos. This payment method has all the necessary assets to make a deposit/withdrawal in complete safety.

Casino sites are gradually adopting it to satisfy gamers, giving birth to a new genre: the crypto casino.

If you take your first steps in a cryptocurrency casino, don't worry, you will easily find your bearings. The use of cryptocurrency does not affect the layout of the online casino. The only difference is in the choice of payment method on the casino site.

This review will accompany our readers in the discovery of crypto gambling. You will find all the details to familiarize yourself with cryptocurrency: purchase, deposit, withdrawal, etc.

And for those who are hesitant to take the plunge, look at the various benefits of a crypto casino.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that relies on blockchain technology. This technology will ensure transactions, unlike the fiat currency managed by banks. Its value remains linked to its rarity.

The cryptocurrency is issued by mining. Each computer member of the network can contribute its computing power to, among other things, strengthen the blockchain and support transactions. The "miners" are then rewarded with cryptocurrency.

A crypto casino is, therefore, a casino gaming platform that uses cryptocurrencies as a transaction (deposit and withdrawal). There can be two categories of cryptocurrency casinos.

The first is the online casinos that include crypto among their payment solution. This is the case with Bitcoin casinos that allow you to pay in bitcoin. The second is blockchain gaming sites, which function as an application linked to a blockchain. Both are faster, more secure, and more discreet than traditional online casinos.

Which cryptocurrency for which crypto casino?

The choice of cryptocurrencies available at online crypto casinos depends on the operators. One online casino may receive payments in a cryptocurrency that another does not.

But overall, gaming sites will always prefer the most widely used virtual currencies.

Among the digital currencies that are most likely to be found at a casino are:

  • Bitcoin (BTC): this is the very first cryptocurrency. Launched in 2009, it is now the strongest and most popular of its kind. The overwhelming majority of cryptocurrency casinos accept it.

  • Ether (ETH): second only to bitcoin in terms of value, it is often called Ethereum, the name of its blockchain. It is known for its multiple uses based on decentralized applications.

  • Litecoin (LTC): launched in 2011, it is modeled after Bitcoin, but with the advantage of being cheaper. Its slogan even says, "Silver to Bitcoin's Gold". This cryptocurrency is widely used.

  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH): created in 2017, it presents itself as "electronic cash". Derived from Bitcoin, it is nevertheless cheaper and faster.

  • Dogecoin (DOGE): launched as a joke in 2013, nevertheless, it found an audience. Often used to thank content creators on social networks (Reddit, Twitter), it is nonetheless accepted by online casinos.

Several other cryptocurrencies are used on gaming platforms, including Ripple, Dash, or Tron. Some casino gaming sites allow you to buy cryptocurrencies before depositing, so the question of owning them does not arise.

How to buy cryptocurrency?

Buying cryptocurrency is as easy as buying a loaf of bread. The operation is simple: euros are exchanged for cryptocurrency of equivalent value.

Step 1: Open a wallet

Before buying a cryptocurrency, you need to make sure you can store it. So the first step is to create an electronic wallet. There are many solutions on the market, including Zeno, Bitpay, and eToro.

Step 2: Sign up for an exchange platform

Once the wallet is open, it is now a matter of finding a good crypto "seller". Exchanges are platforms dedicated to buying. They allow you to buy dozens of cryptocurrencies. Among the most complacent users, there are Binance and Kraken.

To be able to buy cryptocurrencies, it is necessary to open an account. In the process, you will need to be able to prove your identity.

Step 3: Buy the cryptocurrency

Depending on the platform, the funds in Euro will have to be deposited in advance on the account thus created. Payment can be made by credit card, bank transfer, or by a third party (Paypal).

The exchanges allow you to buy several dozen different cryptocurrencies. One can turn to the most popular (Bitcoin, Ether) or obscure emerging currencies—your choice.

Once one has set his or her sights on a particular cryptocurrency, one can proceed with the purchase like any other product. You can then use your freshly acquired cryptos on your favorite crypto casino.

Depositing at a cryptocurrency casino

Depositing at a crypto casino requires no more steps than a conventional euro deposit.

On the way to the cashier, the player must opt for "cryptocurrency" as the payment method. The list of supported cryptocurrencies should be available at this point. The best crypto casinos offer a wide assortment of currencies, not just Bitcoin or Ether. Under these conditions, it should be easy to stumble upon one's crypto of choice.

If not, one can check if the bitcoin casino allows buying cryptos. Nonetheless, this approach is often criticized for the fees it incurs.

Once you are sure that your favorite cryptocurrency is present, you must indicate the amount to deposit. At this point, online casinos typically give little information about the minimum cryptocurrency deposit.

After validating the amount, the crypto casino communicates its address to the player. In the form of a sequence of numbers and letters, this is the one that the player will inform on his wallet during the transaction.

A small button generally allows you to copy it in one click. Depending on the gaming platform, this copy and paste can be avoided. Indeed, more and more casinos prefer QR codes.

You just have to proceed with the transaction on your wallet at this last step.

And that's it. The amount should appear in the player balance after a few minutes without having to enter any sensitive personal information.

Playing at a crypto casino

After making your deposit, the crypto casino confirms your payment. It only takes a few minutes. This deposit is valid on all games offered at the crypto casino.

Now it's time for some fun! Take a tour of the game library and choose your favorite online casino games.

Are you a poker bluff king, a virtual blackjack ace, an online roulette lover, a video poker fan, or an online slot machine fanatic? No problem, because you can bet on all the opuses in cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency bets are also accepted on live casino games. This is the case in many Bitcoin casinos you will find in our ranking of the best online casinos.

Withdrawing your winnings from an online crypto casino

There is no need for protocols to withdraw your winnings from a cryptocurrency casino. In fact, once you have mastered depositing cryptocurrency at a bitcoin casino, withdrawing is a breeze. The two operations remain very similar.

  • The player goes to the cashier and opts for "withdrawal". He indicates the cryptocurrency in which he wishes to receive his earnings. The flexibility of this operation can, of course, depend on the site.

  • Now the choice is initiated, it will be a matter of entering the sum amount to recover.

  • Unlike the deposit where the casino gives the crypto address to be credited, it is the player's turn to indicate his own.

  • After validation, the amount should be available a few moments after the online crypto casino processes the payment. Note that the time frame can vary greatly depending on the platform.

The strengths of crypto casino

Crypto casinos have become popular for a reason. The Bitcoin crypto casino, which launched the genre, and then other sites sometime later, have taken advantage of the many benefits of cryptocurrencies.

  • Anonymity: There is nothing better than a crypto casino to remain discreet. The payment process requires no documents and leaves no administrative trace. Just to keep your hobbies under cover or to avoid a discussion with your banker.

  • Security: thanks to blockchain technology, cryptocurrency transactions are virtually unbreakable. Unless your key is stolen, it is impossible to lose your cryptocurrencies. Moreover, this payment method allows you not to indicate your bank details everywhere on the net. This way, the risk of data theft on a cryptocurrency is minimal.

  • Accessibility: It is not very obvious, but many players have difficulty finding online payment methods. For players residing in a restrictive jurisdiction, paying by credit card on a gambling site is sometimes simply impossible. The bank, or the authorities, prohibit it. Cryptocurrency, however, knows no borders. This makes it less difficult to fund your account at a cryptocurrency casino.

  • Speed: The speed of transactions in cryptocurrency is unbeatable. It succeeds in less than 30 minutes, which other payment solutions do in several hours or even days. It is possible to make ultra-fast transactions by opting for a bitcoin casino, for example.

However, playing in a crypto casino does not only offer advantages. Due to the volatile nature of this virtual currency, there are good and bad days. At times, the winnings earned may suddenly be worth less than expected in fiat currency.

Find the best crypto casino

Not all crypto casinos are created equal. Some are more interesting on many levels than others. If you want to ensure you are playing at a good site, check out our ranking of the best online casinos. To further boost your confidence, follow these tips.

To begin with, see if the casino accepts the cryptocurrency you plan to use. The platform will logically be the most accessible. A crypto casino that uses Provably Fair technology presents a guarantee of authenticity. This system, which involves the blockchain, ensures the fairness of gambling. It is somewhat similar to the RNG system of standard platforms. Also, make sure you play in a space where your data is secure. Players usually opt for a bitcoin casino to protect their personal information. But this is no reason not to check the cryptocurrency casino's security guarantees. 

Remember to always ask about the license to operate. The best crypto casino is the one that gives generous promotions. We love freebies, but when there are many, it's even better. An online crypto casino should have a nice assortment of bonuses: welcome bonus, free spins, cashback, deposit bonus, VIP club, etc. But what would the countless bonuses be without the casino games? Take a look at the games catalog and see if there is variety. The most popular crypto casinos have understood that a well-stocked game library appeals to players much more. 

Finally, make sure you have excellent customer support. A crypto casino is all about customer service. A responsive and competent team reflects the professionalism of the platform.

Getting a bonus at a crypto online casino

Don't worry, the bonuses of a crypto casino are not very complicated and are similar in every way to the bonuses of classic online casinos.

The traditional welcome bonus is still there. Although the no-deposit offer is quite rare, some sites still grant it. In any case, it is an excellent way to discover a Bitcoin casino's games and services, for example.

Apart from this warm welcome, a cryptocurrency casino also prepares the famous weekly bonuses. These promos mark the week and allow the bonuses to jingle in your purse. This attention shows that the site is looking out for your comfort.

Cashbacks are also commonplace at the best crypto casino. Basically, the online casino refunds a portion of your losses, offering you a good consolation.

If you prefer cash prizes instead, stay tuned for tournaments. These promotions, often organized in conjunction with a game provider, take place in the form of competitions. You'll have to complete missions and rankings to receive cash or free spins at the best bitcoin casinos.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play at a crypto casino?

To play at a crypto casino, you must first have an e-wallet. Then, buy some cryptocurrency, make a deposit and bet on your favorite games.

What are the advantages of a crypto casino?

A crypto casino has many advantages, to name a few, such as fast transactions. These casino sites are reliable and guarantee anonymity.

What games are available at a crypto online casino?

All casino games are available at a crypto online casino: slots, roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat, etc., and even live casino games.

How to withdraw winnings at a cryptocurrency casino?

To make a withdrawal at a cryptocurrency casino, you need to select a cryptocurrency. Then, fill in the amount and the address of your cryptocurrency wallet.

How to find the best crypto casino?

To find the best crypto casino, refer to our selection of the best online casinos. This ranking includes many cryptocurrency casinos.