Rules of Craps

Hexagonal dice with one to six dots on their sides are used in several gambling games found. The most popular of these is craps. It is very much in demand in gambling establishments in the United States and some other countries, and is also universally offered at major online casinos.

Craps attracts customers with its exciting gameplay, in which visitors can not only bet, but also roll the dice. This means they can try to influence the outcome of the round.

Craps tables always attract the most active users who want to be part of the noisy company. If you find yourself in a real craps casino, make sure you take the time to learn about this wonderful game.

Before visiting the casino get to know the basic rules, understand the frequently used terms and master at least the key recommendations of the basic craps strategy. The experts at Casinoz suggest you start with the publications on this page.

The basic rules of craps

Craps is played at a craps table with two main sectors:

  • A place to roll the dice,
  • A field with markings for different types of bets.

The tables are staffed by dealers, who act as moderators, taking bets, picking winners, calculating payouts and cleaning up lost bets.

The goal of the craps game is to guess what combination will fall on the dice and receive a payout by making winning bets before the roll.  

In offline casinos, customers take turns playing the role of "shooter" (Shooter). This is the name of the user, who gets the right to roll the dice. His responsibilities and the rules of throwing are discussed in the articles of this section.

Stages of the Craps Game 

Each round consists of two stages:

  • Come Out Roll is the first roll required to establish what is known as the Point number.
  • Point Roll is all subsequent rolls.

During the Come Out Roll, players bet on whether the shooter will win or lose:

  • Pass Line - shooter wins,
  • Don't Pass Line - the shooter loses.

During the Come Out Roll there can be such combinations:

  • Craps,
  • Natural,
  • Point.
  • Features of these game situations are discussed in detail in the rules of craps at Casinoz.

    Types of Craps Bets 

    To win at craps from the casino as often as possible, it is necessary to understand what bets give the best chance of success. The mathematical superiority of the establishment in them is different, and the range of these figures is very wide: from zero to a couple of tens of percent.

    We will not enumerate all types of craps bets, specify the RTP they include and explain the nuances, because all the necessary information can be found in the articles on this page. We shall allocate only the most popular bets among the clients:

  • Pass Line
  • Don't Pass Line
  • Come
  • Don't Come
  • Odds
  • Win
  • Lose
  • Field