Florida is Going to Allow Slots and Blackjack at Racetracks

The Senate of Florida is going to allow slots and blackjack games at the horse and dog racetracks. The voting will be held to approve this proposal.

As in many states, this action aimed to expend gambling activities in Florida will be a good support of the budget. It is expected that only blackjack will bring additional $25 million in the first year of running in the Palm Beach, Miami-Dade and Broward County. 

The idea to introduce slot machines and table games in Florida came from the attempts to expend gambling at the Seminole casinos to heal the local economy. The first were Broward and Miami-Dade gambling revenues, that already have slots, to stand in favor of the introduction of blackjack. As a result, it was decided to add slots and blackjack table at all racetracks.

The choice of these two game is explained by its popularity and wide range of people who prefer to play both of them. As blackjack is the most popular card game, it attracts not only card lovers, but also followers of the main streams, as blackjack is probably the most stylish and fashionable game. Slot machines are not only the most famous casino games all over the world, but also the most profitable ones –they bring up to 80% of profit to each casino they are placed at.