Slots Glossary

Bonus Feature Slots

These slots offer an extra bonus round that gives an opportunity to win free spins and jackpots.

Bonus Multiplier Slots

Players who play the max amount of coins per each spin are awarded an additional bonus.

Coin Size

On this machine you may choose the value of the coin you play with. These machines provide different options as the number of coins and the denomination of the coin.

Coins Per Spin

At some machines players are able to choose the quantity of coins they bet per spin. In addition, these machines set a max amount of coins you can bet per spin, and thus the jackpot may be won only in case you bet the max amount of coins.

Fruit Machine

This is a classic slot machine with symbols that are fruits, like cherries, bananas and others.

Loose Slots

Slots that are ready to pay out a very big win.

Multiplier Slot

These machines differ from the bonus multiplier slots by the fact that there is no bonus for playing the max number of coins. The machine pays out according to the amount of coins with no bonus.

One Armed Bandit

The classic name for slots machines. The history of this name lies in the fact that the machines had a lever that was used to start spinning the reels.

Pay Cycle

The cycle according to which the machine pays out the big and small winnings to players. However, according to the statistics, this is not true as modern slot machines pay out according to the RNG. And nothing depends on a pay cycle.

Pay Table

Each machine has a table that contains the winning combinations. All the payouts differ from one machine to another and the player has to check it before he starts playing.


The line on the slots machine where the symbols must line up according to the winning combination. Modern slot machines have over 20 paylines, whereas the old ones had only one.

Payout Percentage

The amount of money the slot machine pays out for every $100 put in. Example, for every $1000 the players put in, the machine that pays out 97% will pay out the amount of $970.

Progressive Jackpot

The jackpot that increases each time the bet is put in the machine until somebody wins it. When won, the jackpot starts growing again from the set point.


The drums that contain the symbols and spin showing the combination.

Tight Slots

This is the slots machine which is not going to pay out a big win.

Video Slots

The machine that has the video screen instead of the mechanical reels.

Wheel of Fortune Slots

One of the most popular slots machines that offers a huge jackpot.

Wild Symbol

The symbol on a slot machine reels that can stand for any other symbol in order to make the winning combination like in the video poker.