Japanese Slots

Slots, being one of the most popular games in the land-based and online casinos, are the ones that have the biggest number of types and versions. The Japanese variant of this game is called pachisuro and the game is said to come from another Japanese game, pachinko. All the game machines are controlled by the IC chip and the game has 6 levels each of which provides different odds for a "777". The outcome of the game may change from 90% to 160% or even 200%. However, it is said that most of these machines are placed to collect money and not to pay out while still there may be a machine that offers good payouts to encourage others.

For all the slots games and its variations there are standard rules, that make the game similar. For example, the rules provided by the National Police Association (NPA) say there are to be 3 reels, buttons that stop them, 15 coins per play, the max bet cannot be higher than 3 coins, and the credit meter cannot go over 50. Though this may seem too small, there are extra bonuses and additional features that make the game highly attractive. For example, the "Big Bonus" can be from 400 to 711 coins, the "Regular Bonus" that is up to 110 coins make a big difference. The machines often are equipped with special videos and winning scenes on the displays to make each payout special.

Moreover, the machines have extra features like "Stock", "Renchan", and tenjō. The player may keep the won money at the machine for later collection and play hoping for several bonus rounds, also the player may be informed of the interval between bonus payouts and may keep on playing till he gets it.

This may be a start of the American legends on hot and cold machines, as the player that lost a lot in a Japanese slot machine may be a sign of a hot machine for "hyenas" that are waiting around to step in and win everything.  

These options encourage lots of players and though they seem to be very advantageous for the player, they are in fact good for the casino and may force the player who lost a lot to play more and maybe even to lose all. To eliminate this, the new regulation will be adopted to control the amount of payouts and to make it safer and more pleasant. However, this is still uncertain.