North Carolina Players Found The Alternative Way To Gamble

Slots will now be allowed everywhere in North Carolina! Up until now the only place where slots were allowed at North Carolina was the reservation in Cherokee. However, a loophole in the state law allows hi-tech versions of slot machines at least for now.

The machines there are not like the traditional ones, but are all computer games. Once the players are registered, the owners of the mall where these computers were placed, put the money into the machine and players choose the machines they want to play. The reason this is allowed is in technicality, as this is not gambling, but a "internet sweepstakes" because this is not a mechanical slot machine.

These machines here are internet-based and not so random as the real ones. But players are not stopped by the fact they do not know the odds they have. They just give money to the “hall operators” and buy the time they spend on the machines.

Nevertheless, this is to stop soon as this is not a healthy alternative for casinos and there is no control over them. These computer games are not the slot games and have not a lot of common with them. Still, people, who love gambling, are ready to play them in order to fill the lack of usual slot machines, placed at the common casino houses.