The RNG or The Random Number Generator

Though there still may be lots of interesting facts that according to some amateur influence the outcome of the game, the result itself depends upon the RNG. This device is used to eliminate the predictability of the gambling game, it generates numbers randomly without any sequence. It has no matter how many lucky talismans you have or have many times black cat has passed crossed your way – RNG the only thing which decides the outcome of the game.

How It Works

When it comes to slot machines, the RNG is the one and only device that selects the speed, the time each reel spins and the time when it stops is different all the time and no factor can make it stop earlier or later. It this way only RNG may create the winning combination. A lot of people who know about RNG think, that it has a programmed time of winning combination, or even some period of time, when it may appear. In fact, the truth has nothing common with it.

The way the RNG works is that it generates numbers randomly all the time, with a rate of 100 or 1000 per second, and when the player presses the button "play", the latest number is used. This way the result depends only on the exact second when the player starts gambling.

Because of the RNG it is quite difficult to create some slots strategies, which can be implemented in slots gambling. Still, there are people, who believe in hot machines and play only at them. Of course, it does not matter what slot machine to play at, but it is important to keep in mind that even if you believe in hot machines, it does not mean that they definitely pay you out. Probably the only thing which will give you a chance to know the winning chances at the slot machine is the jackpot, which this machines offers – if it is progressive, you may be sure, that chances to win it are not high.

There is also such thing as a pseudorandom number generator. This device unlike the real one repeats the sequence of numbers and may therefore be predictable. This may happen in case of a programming error as machines with such RNGs can be beaten easily. All in all, most slot machine manufacturers make sure the RNG is random and fair and it is later on continuously tested by various services to avoid fraud and misunderstandings.