Slot Machines at Miami International Airport

Slot machines may be installed at the Miami International Airport, Florida. It was the decision of the Miami-Dade commission that voted 8-3 in favor of asking for slot machines license.

According to the Miami Airport officials and the local authorities, the slot machines can help to solve the financial problems and raise the revenue. Slot machines are quite a good idea as the airport annual costs are expected to grow from $600 million up to $1.1 billion by 2015 because of the airport construction debts.

The slots are planned to install beyond the airport security checkpoints which means that the county may also be allowed to organize quarter-horse races. Both state authorities and airport visitors support the idea of the installing the slot machines at the places, which have nothing common with the casino.

The choice of slot machine is not accidental. Slot machines are not only the most popular gambling games nowadays, but also ones of the simplest in game running and which do not require huge bets. Besides, slot machines can be easily placed at any corner of the airport. Moreover, slot machines will be another attraction for the airport visitors, except for the duty-free. Still, they will more profitable both for the airport and those who spend some time these waiting for the plane.