Slot Machines at Ohio Bowling Alleys

As a result of budget deficit the Bowling Association in the state of Ohio is discussing the prospect of introducing video lottery terminals or slot machines at the bowling alleys. It is expected to bring additional 130 million dollars to the state.

The representatives of the Bowling Association as well as the owners of bowling alleys state that it will be very easy to install and monitor the slot machines. Moreover, this will be very safe and secure. According to the project, about 10 machines are to be installed at every bowling alley in the state. It must mentioned, that the overall number of bowling sites in Ohio reached 300 this year.

The authorities are eager to approve such plan only if it has some restrictions such as: limited number of machines, limited time of use, blocked off areas, and under-age control. These restrictions are aimed to control gambles and prevent cases of gambling addiction.

Today the idea with the slot machines is discussed and the residents expect to hear the final decisions by the end of the next month. Slot machines are seems to be the best decision to influence the situation at the entertaining places, which are in state of total decline.