Slot Theft At Tahoe

One of the former slot technicians at the casino at Lake Tahoe (Nevada) was sentenced to probation works and was ordered to return $43,000 he took from slot machines. Mr. Lopez exceed his powers at the casino, while repairing damaged slot machines.

Robert Lopez, aged 52 pleaded guilty and took full responsibility for the slots theft. Being in right mind, he constantly robbed casino gambling machines under pretence of repairing them.

Ex-worker was sentenced for 4 years in prison and got 5 years of probation works. He was ordered to stay away from casinos and avoid alcohol, gambling or any other controlled substances for that period.

The gambler was also charged to pay $300 monthly toward restitution. By now he has already paid half of the total. Mr. Lopez has become one of the blacklisted casino workers, who will never get job at gambling house. Along with unfair dealers, who cooperate with players in order to get tips or even part of a winning, slot machine technicians are the most often charged casino workers.

Robert Lopez is not the first person, who tried to cheat the casino in this way. Still, his example will be useful for those casino owners who trust their staff too much. Robert Lopez proves, what casino may be cheated even by itself.