Slots Will Now Be Included At Racetracks

Slots will now be legalized at race tracks due to a major decrease in income and budget deficit. According to the track president Gary Piontkowski, local authorities will be invited to the public meeting where the question will be discussed.

To underline the importance of this change, Piontkowski said that slots will bring the required income to local cities and towns including the whole state Massachusetts.

Neverminding the fact that the authorities were against this before, now they all agree that at this days it is important to look for extra sources of income. The facilities that are a combination of slot machines and race tracks are called racinos and are mostly oriented at "day trippers" like Pennsylvania.

The meeting with local officials and legislators will be held on Sunday and all the local citizens are welcome. Nevertheless last year the proposal was rejected, this time Piontkowski hopes for success due to a change in gambling legislation.

While the primary idea was to open a casino, however as the slot machines take only a couple of months to be ready to operate, opening of a new casino would take years.