Slots Play and Run Strategy

This slots strategy is usually used at the machines with the low minimums. As the name of the strategy states, the player who uses Play and Run strategy must gamble at one slot machine and then move to another one even in case he has not get all he wanted.

Move closer to the wise slots gambling and learn how to play slot games using the Play and Run Strategy. Also, you can try yourself in sports betting.

Naked Pull and Loss Limits

Play and Run Strategy involves two important concepts - Naked Pulls and Loss Limits. According to the rules, Naked Pulls are defined as the number of spins that the gambler decides to play without the win and then move to another machine. Loss Limit is the part or percentage of the whole bankroll that the player is ready to loss before changing the slots. Both Naked Pulls and Loss Limits must be determined by the player before making the first bet.

How to Use Strategy

This strategy, as it has already been said, is the best one for players with very low bankroll. Before making any bet the player must divide all his money into separate parts for particular number of slot machines. It is very important to choose the machines with the low minimum bets. So, according to the Play and Run Strategy the gambler plays 20 spins at one machine and if it does not bring the revenue he runs. But in case the player wins before reaching 20 spins limit, he may stay at the same machine but start a new session of 20 spins. Meanwhile, the player must consider the Naked Pulls and Loss Limits. The best tip here is not to end playing at the machine with win as it is not appropriate to leave hot slot machine!