Types Of Slot Machine Game

As the slot machine game become more and more popular, more and more types of the slots appear both in land based and in online casinos. Any player can find a lot of different games, which satisfy all the desires of different types of players. The thing is that slot games are so variable, that you will want to try out not only one of them, but a lot more. But in order to be able to make a wise decision, the player should be well-aware of all game varieties.

Classic Slot Machine Game:

The classic slots had 3 reels and only one payline. This type of game will be interesting for those, who like to throw a challenge to yourself and choose only the most complicated ways to win a lot of money.

Progressive Slots:

The progressive slots are the ones that provide a big prize that is accumulated from each bet put in and when won the prize starts growing again.

Bonus Slots:

This game offers a special bonus for a certain combination of symbols. One of the bonuses may be a free spin and in some cases – even a bonus game!

Regular Multiplier Slots:

The regular multiplier slots do not provide any bonus for the max quantity of coins per spin. This machine is for those players who dislike playing the max amount of coins per each spin.

Bonus Multiplier Slots:

The bonus multiplier slots are unlike the previous ones. This machine allows the extra bonus for the max amount of coins. These machines often provide the jackpot for hitting the winning combination under the condition the player bets the max amount of coins.

5 Reel Slots:

Unlike the regular machine, this one has 5 reels and therefore provides from 5 to 21 paylines. Still, the chances to win are rather high, but at the same time – 5 reel slots do not guarantee you every time winning.

Multi Payline Slots:

These machines provide a large number of paylines on a single machine, ranging from 9 or more paylines. The more paylines you choose – the more winning chances you have. Everything is up to you!

Above you can see the most popular types of slot machines. Some of the machines combine some of the characteristics – for example, you can find slot machines which have 5 reels, bonus games available and progressive jackpot. Playing at online casino you will find all this information at special game description block.