Super Slot Machine Big Bertha

After the invention of slot machine and its increasing popularity, the players wanted to play at even a bigger machine. Thus Big Bertha was born. It was the slot machine that increased the potential jackpot and cost a lot to produce.

Big Bertha used 5-horsepower engine to spin multiple reels. As you know, at that time the classic slot machines were installed at all the gambling establishments and they contained only 3 reels with up to 15 symbols on each reel. Thus, the payouts were not very high and the casinos needed the machines that could provide a really huge jackpot. Big Bertha got in time.

Invention of Super Big Bertha

Soon a new version of this machine, Super Big Bertha was invented. It contained 8 reels with 160 symbols on them and produced even higher payouts. The both types of the slot machine were very successful after they debuted and attracted millions of new players. Then all Las Vegas casinos featured Big Bertha slot machines. 

Losing of Popularity

With the invention of the computer RNG (Random Number Generator) Big Bertha lost the popularity as it meant that the slot machines did not have to be so massive and required less money to produce. But this type of slot machine has a great importance in the history of progressive jackpot games. It is possible to say that Big Bertha evolved into the most popular multi-reel slot machines including the Wheel of Fortune slot machine.