New Hampshire in Favor of Slots

The New Hampshire Senate committee approved slot machines at the local racetracks. The members of the committee voted 4-3 in favor of bringing slot machines to three dog and horse tracks in the state in order to increase the profits.

According to the Senate committee decision, two slot parlors will be opened in the North Country. The project is expected to bring the state up to $185 million of revenue.

Now the bill is awaiting the approval at the full Senate.

Decision to place the slot machines at the race tracks was taken after the enormous loses which racetrack started to suffer after the enormous popularity of online casino gambling, which attracted all those, who preferred racetracks to casinos. Local authorities hope, that installing of the slot machines, which to be said are the most popular gambling attraction, will attract the attention of gamblers to racetracks.

Slot machines will be installed not at all the racetracks of the state, just at several in order to check how they will influence the work of the racetracks. It is quite possible, that if slots machines won’t increase the profits of the racetracks, the decision to lose all of them will be taken.