How to Win at Slots: Chicken Strategy

Most of the slots strategies explain how much the player must bet and vary this amount depending on win or loss. Chicken strategy simply states that the player should not play at the same slot machine several times. Moreover, this strategy can involve even other well-known strategies if the player wishes. The name of the strategy comes from the manner of running from machine to machine that resembles the chicken behavior.

How It Works

So, the player who uses chicken strategy must first of all decide on the bankroll. Then he splits all his money on equal parts that will be used at one slot machine each. For example, if every part is $20 (with $1 coins) the player can spend only this set $20 on one machine on the gambling floor. As it has already been said, during each session the player can use any other betting strategy.

Stick to the Point

The main idea of the slots chicken strategy is that the players must keep in mind at what machine he has already played. Some gamblers even make notes in order not to sit at the same machine twice. Moreover, remember that the strategy does not depend on whether you win or lose. No matter the results of every gaming session you must play only for $20 at every machine.

After the gambler completes the number of plays there are two different ways. He can simply stop gambling and leave the casino with winnings or nothing. Another option is to keep the amount of the initial bankroll and gamble for winnings.